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Kronos acquires land for 1,500 apartments in new developments in Madrid

Kronos Homes is committed to two new urban developments in the Autonomous Community of Madrid. The promoter performed Said Hejal has acquired...

normal land | Air Dates and Streams | August/September 2022

Source: ZDF This is how you see the ZDF comedy show on TV and...

Nine-euro banknote: Land brings into play the model of northern Germany

Status: 01.08.2022 11:27 In the discussion about a possible successor to the nine euro note, a new proposal comes from Lower Saxony: the Ministry...

The selectivity of joy and the land of useless endeavors

There is a seduction towards the illogical in Latin American literature, of which I think Cristina Peri-Rossi, winner of Cervantes 2021, is the...

Hebzolah says he is “close” to “defeating Israel” on land and in the air

MADRID, July 25 (EUROPA PRESS) - The head of the executive...

“Contrary to all clichés, Bhutan is not the land of happiness”

Is Bhutan the happiest country in the world as claimed by local polls measuring the National Happiness Index? “Well, we have many...

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