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Ukraine estimates that more than 1,350 civilians died in the Kyiv region alone during the war

Ukraine claims to have killed about 43,900 Russian soldiers MADRID, August 16...

Moscow and Kyiv blame each other for the attack that killed more than 40 inmates in a Russian prison in eastern Ukraine

Dozens of Ukrainian prisoners of war were killed in an attack on a prison run by the Russian occupation authorities in eastern Ukraine...

Feijóo strengthens ties with the US and Ukraine and agrees with their ambassadors to visit Washington and Kyiv

He is pleased about the invitation to meet Zelenskyy and talks to Reynoso about the expansion of the Rota base after the agreement...

Kyiv condemned an attack on the port of Odessa a day after the signing of the agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain

Russia fired missiles at the port of Odessa on Saturday, according to Ukrainian military sources quoted by Reuters news agency. The complaint...

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