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They intercept a narco sailboat that was transporting 6,000 kilos of hash to Spain

The two crew members and the captain, who had previously been arrested for similar acts, were arrested ...

Claudia Obert: "I have already lost three kilos in this love story"

People news of the day in the GALA ticker: Claudia Obert presents her new partner +++ Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht has paid her ticket...

The PP accuses Sánchez of burning “180 kilos of kerosene” shortly after he asked the Spaniards to take off their ties

In "Genoa" they believe that with this proposal they tried to "distract citizens' attention" from inflation, which is rising to 10.8%. ...

Andrea Berg: 10 kilos lighter – that’s how she lost weight

Andrea Berg 10 kilos lighter - that's how she lost weight ...

Two canoes, a mobile home and 534 kilos of cocaine for a holiday in the Basque Country

The National Police and the Tax Agency have seized 534 kilos of cocaine hidden in the false bottom of a mobile home sent...

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