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Hong Kong eases pilot isolation rules

HONG KONG - Logbook instead of hotel room: Hong Kong is relaxing isolation rules for pilots and flight attendants who live locally. ...

From “political persecution” to isolation: This is how Laura Borràs fell

When considering a victim's or witness' testimony, judges place great importance on their story being consistent over time, as this is a sign...

Metropolitan COE resolutions: teleworking, isolation, wearing a mask and vaccination

The Municipality of Quito has indicated that it accepts the directives issued by the National COE during its last session. The capital...

Russia denies suffering from “global isolation” over its military offensive against Ukraine

Moscow points out that the US is "hypnotizing itself" with this kind of assessment and says that it is "impossible to cancel Russia". ...

Easter Island is preparing to unveil its mysterious heritage again after two years of isolation

After the main source of foreign exchange was shut down, unemployment in the region reached 58%. “People look at you and stop...

Public officials will have to do fewer days of isolation if they test positive for covid-19

The national COE, together with the Minister of Health José Ruales, gave details of this new wave of infections that the country is...

Poor sleep can lead to social isolation

Often bad faces in the workplace are accompanied by the phrase "I slept very badly". One of the fundamental medical laws to...

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