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The Sevilleja fire has favorable conditions and the return of the displaced will be investigated at the end of the day

The evictions of Robledo del Mazo and Las Hunfrías and the detention of Navaltoril are maintained ...

Submitted the case to Puigdemont’s advisors, who were being investigated for dealings with Russians

The judge of Voloh case launched the open trial against Josep Lluís Alay, head of the Bureau of former president Carles Puigdemont, over...

Ron denies his “participation” in the events investigated by the “case judge” saying there was no “reprehensible conduct”

He sends the judge two reports that would refute some of the conclusions of the expert opinion requested by the judge ...

The judge names six former ETA bosses being investigated over the deadly attack in Santa Pola

National High Court Judge Manuel García Castellón has agreed to take testimony as defendants from six former ETA bosses in the attack that...

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