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They investigate the violent death of a woman and the subsequent suicide of a man in Alginet

The Guardia Civil excludes gender-based violence by not fostering a sentimental relationship ...

Allegations insist that Podemos continue to investigate the Neurona case, suggesting that it deleted evidence

The judge last week agreed not to renew the case involving the consultant's "purple" apprenticeship contract ...

The community warns that the power saving measures “have bugs” and continues to investigate the dodge

They believe that this is not in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Decree and that they cannot collect the fines as...

Russia invites UN and ICRC to investigate bombing of Elenovka prison

MADRID, July 31 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Russian government this Sunday...

The judge refuses to investigate whether Otegi was involved in ETA’s decision to kill Miguel Ángel Blanco

MADRID, July 29 (EUROPA PRESS) - The National Court (AN) judge investigating the alleged involvement of former ETA bosses in the kidnapping and murder...

AN initiates proceedings to investigate Monedero for alleged money laundering crimes and forged documents

The judge sees "characteristic features of operations related to money laundering" of the Podemos founder ...

Podemos and allies are demanding that Congress investigate the “media channels” but the PSOE does not support this

MADRID, July 21 (EUROPA PRESS - United We Can, parliamentary allies...

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