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According to translators, Spanish publishers did not stop publishing Russian writers after the invasion

Translators call for a European project that builds cultural bridges between different literatures and cultures of the...

Videos | Subway stations turned into shelters as Taiwan prepares for a possible Chinese invasion

Sirens sound in the streets of Taipei and citizens rush to the nearest emergency shelter. It is the drills that the Taiwanese...

The first ship with Ukrainian grain blocked by the Russian invasion departs from Odessa

The freighter Razoni anchored in the port of Odessa on Monday morning, becoming the first merchant ship to leave the Ukrainian port since...

The challenge of Ukraine’s survival after the Russian invasion

Can a country be permanently bombed, deserted 20% of its territory, be landlocked, have two of its three largest cities blocked and still...

Videos | Thus, the war in Ukraine influences a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan

This week, Taiwan is conducting the Han Kuang military exercises, the most important of the course, during which it rehearses its army's response...

Ukraine climbs to about 39,700 Russian soldiers killed since invasion began

MADRID, July 25 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Ukrainian armed forces this...

The US is providing €164 million in humanitarian aid to the victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

White House announces delivery of additional military aid MADRID, July 20 (EUROPA...

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