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Nvidia introduces the Avatar Cloud Engine to create avatars and virtual assistants that pass the Turing test

MADRID, Aug 12 (Portaltic/EP) - NVIDIA announced Avatar Cloud Engine (AS), a set of...

Smaller, better sound: Samsung introduces the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

SAMSUNG August 11, 2022 at 11:11 a.m. ...

Spotify Soundtrap introduces the ability to add text comments to audio tracks

MADRID, Aug 10 (Portaltic/EP) - Spotify's Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) platform,...

Google Chrome 104 introduces a new screen sharing tool and user interface changes

MADRID, Aug 3 (Portaltic/EP) - Google has released its latest update...

Samsung introduces repair mode, which hides personal data during repairs

Samsung introduces new "Repair Mode" to hide personal data - SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS MADRID, Aug 1...

Netflix introduces an external subscription link button on iOS devices

MADRID, July 25 (Portaltic/EP) - Netflix introduced a button in the iOS application that...

Android introduces support for DNS over HTTP/3

MADRID, July 20 (Portaltic/EP) - Google has improved data protection Connections...

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