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In New York, Sánchez announces his candidacy for the presidency of the Socialist International, which he also wants to modernize

He wants to continue the legacy of his "friend" George Papandreou and leaders like Willy Brandt and proposes internal reforms ...

Sánchez will try to boost his international image and justify Spain on his trip to the UN Assembly

The President will sponsor a food security summit, meet with investors and hold several bilateral meetings ...

Ángela Molina is awarded the honorary award for her entire career at the XXI ImagineIndia International Film Festival in Madrid

MADRID, August 11 (EUROPA PRESS) - Actress Ángela Molina will receive...

Following criticism from Amnesty International, Ukraine defends that saving lives is its “absolute priority”.

MADRID, August 4 (EUROPA PRESS) - Advisor to the Presidency of...

International investors and families control two-thirds of Spanish stocks, according to BME

MADRID, August 4 (EUROPA PRESS) - Non-resident investors and families collectively...

Victims and NGOs are turning to international justice two years after the Beirut port explosion

Lebanon is spiraling into a failed state without offering reparations to the victims of the blast that devastated the port of Beirut two...

NGOs are asking the UN for an international investigation into the Beirut blast

MADRID, August 4 (EUROPA PRESS) - A group of 37 human...

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