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Video Analysis | Volodymyr Zelensky: an increasingly complicated internal position

The outbreak of conflict in Ukraine in February caused the whole country to fall behind the president. Outwardly, Volodymyr Zelenskyy symbolized the...

Sánchez supports Bosnia’s EU accession but calls for a reduction in internal tensions and normal elections

Visit the Sarajevo Library, which Spain helped rebuild after severe war damage SARAJEVO, July 30. (By Europa Press Special Correspondent Daniel Blanco) Prime Minister...

Deputy Francesc de Dalmases to a journalist, according to TV-3 internal report: “You betrayed me”

An internal report prepared by TV-3 to clarify MP Francesc de Dalmases' coercion of a journalist on the programme frequently asked Questions confirms...

Draghi is ready to remain Italy’s prime minister if internal disputes are settled

MADRID, July 20 (EUROPA PRESS) - Italy's Prime Minister Mario Draghi,...

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