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China surprisingly cuts interest rates

MADRID, August 15 (EUROPA PRESS) - The People's Bank of China...

Brazil hikes interest rates to 13.75% in 12th hike to curb inflation

Brazil continues aggressive policies to curb rising prices, which are slowing, although inflation remains high. The central bank hiked interest rates by...

Laporta: ‘Koundé showed interest in coming and resisted’

BARCELONA, August 1 (EUROPA PRESS) - FC Barcelona President Joan Laporta...

CaixaBank earned 1,573 million through June, down 62.4%, due to a lack of post-merger special items

CaixaBank closed the first half of the year with a profit of 1,573 million, compared to 4,181 million in the same period of...

Santander triggers the result in Spain, earning 4.894 million through June, up 33%

Santander triggered its advantage between January and June. The company, managed by Ana Botín, registered a few in the first half of...

The bank pays 4.8% on interest and commissions and the big energy companies pay 1.2% of their earnings

The government registered the two new extraordinary taxes on banks and energy companies this Thursday in Congress. The former taxes the interest...

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