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Armenia leads alone after a win (2.5-1.5) against Indian youth

There are countries whose chess is so solid that they continue to shine without their biggest stars. Armenia without Levón Aronian (now...

The Indian youth beat Spain (2.5-1.5) and lead with Armenia

What happened in the first five rounds of the Chess Olympiad in Chennai proves world champion Magnus Carlsen right: The Indian B-Team, with...

“RRR,” the Indian movie show that caused an earthquake on Netflix

How can you define RRR, the incredible Indian film phenomenon? Well, as if John Rambo were fighting alongside his twin brother in...

The Dark Winds series is coming, the copper-colored Noir: a decorated policeman with Indian detectives on the Navajo reservation

The series dark winds, by Graham Roland on AMC+, begins in 1971 in Gallup, New Mexico, on the edge of the Navajo Indian...

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