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Energy dilutes Europeans’ money: it increases their cost of living by 7%

The income of European households is diluted with every increase in inflation. Families will see the cost of living increase by around 7%...

Villacís warns: “When the lights go out, crime increases” and accuses the government of “insensitivity”.

MADRID, August 4 (EUROPA PRESS) - The coordinator of Ciudadanos in...

China increases tension by announcing military maneuvers near Taiwan ahead of Nancy Pelosi’s arrival

The China Maritime Safety Administration on Tuesday announced new military exercises in the South China Sea -- near the Taiwan Strait -- and...

The Council of Ministers will today in the second round approve the Animal Welfare Act, which increases penalties for abuse

Circuses with animals, cockfights, pigeon shooting or the marketing and display of dogs in pet shops are prohibited ...

Depression associated with eating an inflammatory diet that increases the risk of frailty

MADRID, July 30 (EUROPA PRESS) - A new study from the...

BBVA increases banks’ margins to double digits and earns 3,000 million for the half year, up 57%

BBVA reported a profit of 3,001 million euros in the first half of 2022, up 57% thanks to the commercial boost. And...

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