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Samsung sees connectivity “as a way to drive sustainability and improve energy efficiency”

AI Energy Mode feature -SAMSUNG MADRID, September 12 (Portaltic/EP) - ...

Apple plans to delay iPadOS 16 release to improve Stage Manager, says Gurman

MADRID, Aug 4 (Portaltic/EP) - manzana Studies delaying the start of the next update...

Gran Canaria implements a 3D simulator using GIS systems to improve forest fire management

MADRID, Aug 2 (Portaltic/EP) - The Cabildo of Gran Canaria has...

Ombudsman in view of heat deaths: “It is necessary to improve the protection of outdoor workers”

Among other things, calls for more accuracy in determining the maximum temperature limit or the duration of...

Aubameyang on Lewandowski signing: “We will do our best to improve our numbers in Dortmund”

BARCELONA, July 23 (EUROPA PRESS) - FC Barcelona's Gabonese forward Pierre-Emerick...

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