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British justice allows the King Emeritus to challenge his immunity over alleged CNI involvement

He rules out being immune as a member of the royal family because he "didn't matter" the work of Felipe VI. to...

A British court allows Juan Carlos I to appeal part of the judgment denying him immunity

The phrase in English would be translated as "reaching a new day to fight" (fight another day). That's what the new legal...

The Puigdemont trial in Belgium is still awaiting the decision of the European judiciary on its immunity

BRUSSELS, July 17 (EUROPA PRESS) - The European judiciary cleared...

Centaur, a new omicron sub-variant, ‘doesn’t give as much immunity’, intensivist doctor says

Scientists are concerned about the spread of an omicron subvariant known as BA.2.75 and nicknamed centaurus. One thing known so far is...

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