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At 155.78 euros/MWh this Saturday, the electricity price marked the lowest price since the Iberian exception

Development of the electricity price with and without gas compensation - EPDATA MADRID, September 23 (EUROPA PRESS) - The average price of...

Sánchez admits that households pay more to the bill for the Iberian mechanism, but that without this cap it would be triple

He says there is an "Iberian anomaly" in the European right with the PP over their position on banking and energy taxes ...

Portugal allies with Spain, creating new Iberian front against Brussels gas ban proposal

The Iberian front on energy issues is back. Portugal this Thursday joined the Spanish position of frontal rejection of the linear reduction...

The Brussels energy saving plan provides for the “Iberian exception”.

The European Commission's energy saving plan in the face of the looming Russian gas lockdown acknowledges the peculiarities of countries like Spain and...

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