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Animal rights activists protest against the exclusion of hunting dogs from the Animal Welfare Act: “Everyone feels the same”

They are calling on the PSOE to withdraw the amendment that advocates the rule protecting only dogs living in the household MADRID, 24 September...

The hunting industry announces “threatening” mobilizations if hunting is not exempted from the animal welfare law

MADRID, August 12 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Royal Spanish Hunters Federation...

Hunters accuse the government of being “irresponsible” to the rural world with the Animal Welfare Act that “threatens” hunting.

They concern that the PSOE has breached its commitment to exclude hunting dogs from the rule promoted...

30 years of hunting rapists: “I look at them and wonder how they were capable of something like that”

The girl is trying to find the keys in the snow. In the middle of the darkness she can only feel until...

Scandalous! Condor is found dead and with signs of torture due to blind hunting

For Robert ChainJuly 20, 2022 at 10:02 a.m.A condor was found dead in the parish Cahuasquilocated in the province of...

The constitution annuls part of the Castilla y León law that allowed hunting of wolves

The plenary session of the Constitutional Court has joined the government in announcing several points of the Castilla y León Hunting Code, in...

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