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Gamarra urges Sánchez to agree on the official secrets law with the PP rather than with his partners

The Speaker of the People's Group in the Chamber of Deputies, Cuca Gamarra, during an interview for Europa Press in...

Gamarra accuses Sánchez of “giving up” on taking Puigdemont to court with the reform of the crime of sedition

Warns that this cannot be an "exchange currency" to continue in Moncloa and that if the PP wins, it will "reverse", which means...

Gamarra reckons tax on banks and energy companies will hit customers: ‘These are the market rules’

He sees the high inflation as "the prelude to a harder September slope" and certifies that Sánchez's economic "band-aid" is a "failure". ...

Gamarra believes that pardoning Griñán would be “the culmination of abuse of power” and sees Montero as “disqualified” as minister.

He combines the "rush" to renew the TC with the possible resources of the convicts and says that Sánchez has no "moral or...

Gamarra accuses Sánchez of “renouncing the application of the law” with his pact on dejustification of the independence movement.

He denounces that the head of the executive branch has also "achieved equality for Spaniards to be able to study in Spanish". ...

Gamarra says it is becoming “clear” that the new prosecutor is not impartial and will seek explanations from Congress

Pons assures that it is urgent to "restore the prestige" to the judiciary and points out that the PP's proposal for a state...

Gamarra assures that Sánchez is trying to buy time with his ‘aesthetic changes’ in the PSOE but warns: ‘The problem is him’

He sees the government in "decay" and stresses that its agreements with ERC, Bildu and Podemos "break the PSOE's historic project". ...

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