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Expensive jet fuel, high demand – Ryanair plans to raise prices

FRANKFURT — Budget airline Ryanair wants to raise fares in light of high fuel prices. "The average price of a Ryanair ticket...

Almería, Valladolid and Girona return to fuel the battle for consistency

MADRID, August 11 (EUROPA PRESS) - The 2022-2023 season of LaLiga...

The fuel price falls by seven weeks and is more than 12% cheaper since June

MADRID, August 11 (EUROPA PRESS) - The average fuel price has fallen for the seventh straight week, posting a fall of more than 12%...

Fuel prices add six weeks of decline and have fallen as much as 11% since June

MADRID, August 4 (EUROPA PRESS) - The average fuel price has added its sixth consecutive week of decline, cumulatively down as much as 11%...

US demands Ethiopia have ‘unrestricted access to fuel’ in Tigray region

stresses that humanitarian workers are "waiting for fuel to arrive" to provide humanitarian assistance ...

The fuel price drops in the fifth week and is again below two euros per liter

Despite the recent slumps, it will be the August holidays with the highest prices ...

Civil organizations in Panama are advancing in negotiations with the government over fuel prices

Anadepo says it will not sign an agreement until food and drug prices are discussed ...

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