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Ex-president accused of fraud

donald trump Ex-president accused of fraud ...

11% of users who book their vacation online have been victims of cyber fraud

MADRID, July 27th. (Portaltic/EP) - 11% of people who book...

Shakira rules out a deal with prosecutors and faces trial over alleged $14.5million fraud

He accuses him of an "unyielding" attitude and pressure during class BARCELONA,...

Chaves, the promoter of “social peace” that led to fraud

Manuel Chaves (Ceuta, 77 years old) was a reluctant candidate for President of the Andalusian government in 1990. He did not want...

plot key | How did the ERE fund work? What were the political implications of the fraud?

1. What did the ERE fund consist of?In 2000, the Junta de Andalucía set up a fund for companies in crisis, endowed with...

The Colonel confirms the sentences of Griñán and Chaves for fraud of the ERE

The Supreme Court has upheld the most devastating story for the PSOE about the ERE fraud. The Trial Chamber has upheld the...

Morant accuses the PP of “instrumentalizing scientists with fraud” to approve his amendment to the Science Act

MADRID, 21 (EUROPE PRESS) Science and Innovation Minister Diana Morant has accused the PP of “misrepresenting and using deception as a tool” for research...

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