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Forest fire near Falkenberg spread to 100 hectares – two places evacuated

The fire in a forest area near Falkenberg becomes a major disaster: there is now a fire in an area of ​​100 hectares....

Malaga is debating whether to build an urban forest or four skyscrapers

The ball is in the judge's court, who must determine if there are any irregularities in the current 2011 master plan, something the...

What is the probability that a forest fire will spread?

Last weekend alone, the fires besieging Spain burned 16,000 hectares. According to an article in this newspaper, 140,000 hectares will have been...

Environmental NGOs are calling on Pedro Sánchez to extensively use livestock and forest management to fight fires

They call for measures to become less dependent on fossil fuels and call for a 100 percent...

Forest fires: why does a person set fire to a mountain?

It is surprising that a person sets fire to a mountain on purpose, and even more that he finds pleasure in it. ...

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