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Kina, a 67-year-old Alzheimer’s patient: “When they diagnose you, they corner you. They forced me to retire.”

MADRID, XX (EUROPA PRESS) Kina, a 67-year-old woman from Motril (Granada) who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's seven years...

Dignity and justice calls for investigation of 10 ETA leaders over ‘forced eviction policy’ in Basque country

He collects it in a lawsuit in the National High Court for the murder of a PP councilor in 2000 ...

Forced settlement in the parental home is grounds for disinheritance.

With their judgments, the courts outline the nature of the grounds for disinheritance, while at the same time interpreting these grounds flexibly according...

In Madrid, free a woman who was forced to work as a prostitute and deliver 500 euros a day to her sister and brother-in-law

It was a male voice calling out Anti-trafficking phone to ask the police for the rescue of a 24-year-old girl. He gave...

‘Take it or leave it’: Convergència forced a supplier to issue false invoices for collection

José Manuel Parra, a supplier to the defunct Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya (CDC), said in court this Wednesday that the party had “forced”...

Forced to slow down

"There's more to life than just accelerating," reads a giant billboard on the Delhi Metro, which features the likeness of Mahatma Gandhi. ...

ICAO: Forced landing of Ryanair in Belarus illegal

MONTREAL - The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has condemned the forced landing of a Ryanair plane in Belarus in May 2021 as...

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