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The Guardia Civil is investigating four people as suspected perpetrators of fires in Palencia and Castellón

MADRID, August 1 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Civil Guard has identified...

Ticker on forest fires in the Czech Republic and Saxony: Many new fire sources in Saxon Switzerland | MDR.DE

11:05 am | 250 emergency services and six water cannons against embers in southern Brandenburg The fire area in the district of Elbe-Elster...

A man arrested for starting four fires in Cáceres

The Civil Guard have arrested a 68-year-old man whom they accuse of deliberately starting four forest fires that resulted in grass burning and...

Zamora takes to the streets to protest the management of the fires: “More firefighters, fewer consultants!”

The handling of the fires that have burned 60,000 hectares in Zamora by the Junta de Castilla y León has outraged a large...

The government and the PP autonomies are carrying out their duties in the fight against the fires

The Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has planned to receive three PP presidents from autonomous communities in La Moncloa this Thursday and the appointment...

Rueda urges Sánchez to help with the fires and censors Robles’ statements, although he doesn’t understand the hint

He is committed to continuing to talk about coordination on fires but believes there are "more pressing...

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