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Zamora takes to the streets to protest the management of the fires: “More firefighters, fewer consultants!”

The handling of the fires that have burned 60,000 hectares in Zamora by the Junta de Castilla y León has outraged a large...

A group of 70 firefighters ensure that a fire in Almonte does not reach Doñana

A group of around 70 forest firefighters from the Andalusian forest firefighting service (Infoca Plan) have been working since Monday afternoon to prevent...

Firefighters continue to fight forest fires near Falkenberg – “very tense” situation

The forest fire near Falkenberg reached around 800 hectares on Monday. Several towns had to be evacuated and a piglet farm partially...

Precariousness burns firefighters in Castilla y León

After hell the witches appear. Some firefighters watch bleakly at a huge black annex devastated by a fire in Zamora. The...

Firefighters in Greece are fighting the major fire that has been declared in Dadia National Park

MADRID, July 23 (EUROPA PRESS) - Firefighters in Greece are trying...

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