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In view of the flood of applications, European funds for financing solar modules in Catalonia fall short

The Catalan Institute of Energy (ICAE) has been overwhelmed by the avalanche of requests for financing solar panels through the next-generation funds' aid...

The Court of Auditors notes the need to reform the financing of dependency

MADRID, July 28 (EUROPA PRESS) - The plenary session of the...

With funds from the Ministry of Culture, Vox is financing a documentary against the Brazilian Lula

Vox proposes to end so-called "political spending" and has managed to get the Junta de Castilla y León to cut subsidies for employers...

Investments in startups are being halted due to the risk of an economic slowdown

The startup investment market has changed around the world. It put an end to the million-dollar rain that propelled the sector to...

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