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Marc Anthony worries his fans about being extremely thin and that’s how the singer responded

Mark Anthony often makes headlines for his way of acting on stage, his love life or his relationship with JLo,...

Constitutional doctrine makes it extremely difficult to suspend Griñán’s prison sentence in the “ERE case”.

The possible suspension of the six-year prison sentence, upheld this Tuesday by the Supreme Court for former President of the Andalusian Board of...

Rebecca Mir: She looks extremely glamorous in an all-black look

Rebecca Mir She opts for a glamorous all-black look at work ...

Fires are rekindling in Portugal with almost all communities extremely vulnerable

Portugal has been at exceptional fire risk since Tuesday. According to the forecast of the Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere...

extremely centrist

I'm not from Twitter. I'm not even there. However, I know what is going on in this network because, even if...

‘She was extremely cold’: Jury in case revealed reason they didn’t believe Amber Heard

After the judgment between Amber Heard Yes Johnny Depp will endmany details are still in the media, especially after the actress gave an interview...

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