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The price increase explains 80% of the income growth of the mass consumption giants

The main multinational corporations in the great consumption, i.e. food, drink and household products, saw significant improvements in cumulative income in the first...

CaixaBank earned 1,573 million through June, down 62.4%, due to a lack of post-merger special items

CaixaBank closed the first half of the year with a profit of 1,573 million, compared to 4,181 million in the same period of...

BBVA increases banks’ margins to double digits and earns 3,000 million for the half year, up 57%

BBVA reported a profit of 3,001 million euros in the first half of 2022, up 57% thanks to the commercial boost. And...

Santander triggers the result in Spain, earning 4.894 million through June, up 33%

Santander triggered its advantage between January and June. The company, managed by Ana Botín, registered a few in the first half of...

The Ombudsman travels to Melilla to provide details of the tragedy at the edge of the fence

The institution has not yet received a response to requests for information from the Ministries of the...

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