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Foreign affairs do not rule out a scenario in which Russia cuts off Germany’s gas and jeopardizes the EU economy

Albares distorts the PP, which casts doubt on the need to act now to 'defend and protect' Spanish citizens. ...

Videos | What is the economy talking about according to Emilio Ontiveros

“I chose to study economics because I wanted to understand human behavior from a historicist point of view,” Emilio Ontiveros told the early...

count the economy

Accurately count the economy but without drama. Emilio Ontiveros was a beacon when it came to shedding light on the jumble of...

The economy expects to complete its key reforms related to the stimulus plan this year

It is planned to bring before the courts the bill creating an independent authority to defend financial customers ...

How does heat affect our daily life? We insult more, we argue worse, violence is increasing and the economy is slowing

In Spain today, the consequences of extreme heat are easily felt. We feel it robs us of sleep, we hear it stokes...

Spain’s economy grew 1.1% in the second quarter despite war and inflation

The Spanish economy grew at a quarterly rate of 1.1% between April and June, according to the advance published on Friday by the...

Fernández appoints a super minister of economy to resolve Argentina’s economic and political crisis

Alberto Fernández fired the silver bullet he kept in the chamber. In the midst of an economic crisis that has become insurmountable,...

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