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Santander triggers the result in Spain, earning 4.894 million through June, up 33%

Santander triggered its advantage between January and June. The company, managed by Ana Botín, registered a few in the first half of...

Telefónica upgrades its 2022 forecasts after earning 1,026 million through June

Telefónica has reported a net profit of 1,026 million euros for the first half of the year compared to the record result of...

Economy – Telefónica cuts its profit in Brazil by 34.6% through June while earning 67 million in Germany

Subsidiaries' revenues are growing, driven by the mobile segment MADRID, July 27...

Aena returns to profitability after eight losing quarters, earning $163.8 million through June

MADRID, 27 (EUROPE PRESS) Aena recorded a net profit of 163.8 million euros in the first six months of the year, representing a 147.3%...

Aena returns to benefits after earning £164million in the first half

Aena has reported a net profit of 163.8 million euros between January and June 2022, a profit improvement of 147.3% compared to the...

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