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Displaced and burdened by underfunded mental health: the plight of minors in Ukraine

MADRID, August 13 (by Phiona Koyiet, Senior Technical Advisor for Mental Health and Picosocial Support at World Vision) - ...

The drought in Somalia has already left more than a million displaced

MADRID, August 11 (EUROPA PRESS) - Somalia's drought, unprecedented in four...

AECID and Cáritas are activating the agreement that will enable aid to 6,800 people displaced by the conflict in Burkina Faso

MADRID, August 4 (EUROPA PRESS) - Spain's Agency for International Development...

According to Interior, up to 133,000 displaced by the war in Ukraine have shelter in Spain

MADRID, August 1 (EUROPA PRESS) - Up to 133,000 people displaced...

The Sevilleja fire has favorable conditions and the return of the displaced will be investigated at the end of the day

The evictions of Robledo del Mazo and Las Hunfrías and the detention of Navaltoril are maintained ...

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