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Iñigo Ucín (Mondragón): “Our cooperative model makes it difficult for large investors to get started”

Iñigo Ucín (Azkoitia, Gipuzkoa, 62 years old) celebrates in August his six years at the helm of the leading Basque industrial group and...

Joan de Sola: “It is difficult to unseat Rodoreda, which has been translated into 43 languages

He will take up the position of Director of Literature and Thought at the Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) just over a month ago,...

The PP warns that Montero can now ‘privilege’ the PSOE’s CCAA: ‘It is difficult that there is no conflict of interest’

Gamarra assures that Sánchez is a "compulsive liar" and when he says he wants to exhaust the legislature, he can do the "opposite". ...

Encouragement and ‘clues’ for jury in Marta Calvo case ahead of ‘extraordinarily difficult’ verdict

48 hours after handing over the "subject of the verdict", a 143-page document with the 700 questions to which you have to answer...

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