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Regrets in Ciudad Real over the death of a young man from Daimiel at the Medusa Festival

CIUDAD REAL, Aug 14 (EUROPA PRESS) - The President of the...

They investigate the violent death of a woman and the subsequent suicide of a man in Alginet

The Guardia Civil excludes gender-based violence by not fostering a sentimental relationship ...

US says Al Zawahiri’s death “shows” Afghanistan will not be a “safe place for terrorists.”

Washington contacts the Taliban to denounce the presence of the al Qaeda leader in Kabul and denounces a violation of the Doha Accords ...

The US warns its citizens around the world of possible attacks after the death of the al-Qaeda leader

MADRID, August 3 (EUROPA PRESS) - The United States government is...

Death of a vaccinator in Austria: A track leads to Bavaria

Consternation and sadness: the suicide of an Austrian doctor threatened by opponents of vaccination has Bavarian doctors thinking. Also in Bavaria, doctors...

The death of Al Zawahiri cements Biden’s counter-terrorism achievements as he strove to rein in China and Russia

With the death of Ayman al-Zawahiri, United States President Joe Biden marks a point in a term that, despite some recent successes, has...

cocaine use shortly before his death

Jamal Edwards cocaine use shortly before his death ...

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