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Podemos is preparing his “autumn uni” for November, with the election cycle as the backdrop

The formation has yet to finalize the impeachment poster for an event that brought together Belarra, Montero and Iglesias last year, but not...

Emilio Ontiveros and the virtuous cycle

The death of Emilio Ontiveros adds new evidence to the feeling that an era of journalism is coming to an end in Spain:...

In its sixth edition, the MusaE cycle organizes almost fifty concerts in the 16 national museums

MADRID, July 27 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Ministry of Culture and Sport and the...

Pedro Sánchez is convinced that the positive cycle of the PP has ended and that the next elections for the PSOE will take place

President Pedro Sánchez was the first to realize last Saturday that his party needs a shot of optimism, courage and energy as soon...

The PSOE today celebrates the federal committee to ratify the new leadership and face the electoral cycle against the PP

He will make official the appointment of Montero, Alegría and Patxi López, as well as the continuity of Santos Cerdán after the departure...

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