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The Pope asks for a prayer for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and warns that they are the ones who suffer most from crises

ROME, August 2 (EUROPA PRESS) - Pope Francis this Tuesday highlighted...

One life less per minute: Current crises are slowing down progress against AIDS

endangered. That is the title that heads the report on the state of the world AIDS pandemic recently released on July 27th....

Luxury, crises & Cie: this is what Princess Madeleine expects on her return to Florida

Luxury, crises & co. This is what Princess Madeleine expects when she returns to Florida ...

Sánchez puts the PSOE in action to respond to crises and climate change from the left

PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez intervened this morning eco green the federal committee, extraordinary convened to ratify the changes in the main positions of...

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