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New series from the creators of “Better Call Saul”.

With Rhea Seehorn New series from the creators of "Better Call Saul". ...

Bridgerton: Netflix is ​​suing the creators of the TikTok musical

BRIDGERTON August 01, 2022 at 08:50 “The...

opinion | Creators sense audience?

It is ja gairebé un tòpic, quan hom s' approaches the debate on the audiovisual media crisis and refers to the young creators...

Facebook is rolling out a tool that rewards creators who use copyrighted music in their videos

MADRID, July 26 (Portaltic/EP) - Meta has introduced a new tool...

“Alpha Males”, the keys to the best kept secret of the creators of “La que se avecina”

Last Monday, the shooting of Alpha malethe new series from the creators of he comes, started in the afternoon and ended even later,...

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