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In 2022, nearly 850 victims of gender-based violence have agreed to a subsidized contract so far

MADRID, 25 September (EUROPA PRESS) - A total of 845 female...

Buy the Galaxy Z Flip 4 with a contract: 1&1 gives you the Galaxy Watch 4 for free

BARGAIN August 11, 2022 at 4:26 p.m. You can secure the...

The trial of Neymar and Rosell for the striker’s contract with Barça begins on October 17

In this case, prosecutors are asking for 2 years in prison for Neymar and 5 years for...

Prosecutor wants 2 years in prison for Neymar and 5 for Rosell for the striker’s contract with Barca

They agreed to return 40% of their rights to the owner fund ...

The TSJC opens the trial against Laura Borràs for alleged contract splitting in the ILC

The decision cannot be appealed and opens the door to a possible suspension as a member of parliament BARCELONA, 26 (EUROPE PRESS) The Supreme Court...

Neymar is to be tried in Qatar a month before the World Cup over corruption in his contract with Barcelona

The relationship between Neymar and Barça has resulted in one of the greatest legal sagas in the world of football. The final...

The Colombian government regulates the work contract for the Café Airport with OHLA

MADRID, July 24 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Colombian government announced this...

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