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The new gas tariff for German consumers is 2.4 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh)

MADRID, August 15 (EUROPA PRESS) - The new rate the federal...

The plastic war is reaching consumers’ pockets

In three Rs - reduce, recycle, reuse - there's room for 8,000 million euros, 2,400 companies, 25,000 jobs and a major controversy over...

The OCU denounces abuses at music festivals and urges consumers to define essential services

MADRID, July 22 (EUROPA PRESS) - The consumer organization OCU has asked the Ministry...

We can propose a new tax offense to the PSOE that would penalize big companies if they pass taxes on to consumers

We can tighten up the government partner again so that President Pedro Sánchez's recent announcements on tax issues have a real impact on...

The Supreme, against the consumers

The Supreme Court's decision not to rule a claim on the floor clauses and to refer the case to the European Court of...

Large companies see a need to explore the metaverse as a new channel of interaction with consumers

Archive - A woman wearing virtual reality glasses at Mobile World Congress 2022 in...

According to a study, the number of consumers who are aware of food waste doubles up to 72% in 2 years

MADRID, June 21 (EUROPA PRESS) - Consumer awareness of food waste...

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