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Vox Considers Legal Action Against Montero Over His Remarks On Sexuality And Children: “It’s A Very Serious Case”

MADRID, September 23 (EUROPA PRESS) - Vox is investigating legal action...

The Madrid City Council assumes that the energy saving plan will be complied with, although it considers it “frivolous”: the laws are being applied

"You can't make a law saying that the municipalities will implement it and without a word of dialogue," he says. MADRID, August 3 (EUROPA...

Yolanda Díaz considers the “ERE case” to be “very serious” and blames impartiality for it

In a tone very different from that of the PSOE, Yolanda Díaz described this Thursday as "very serious". case of the ERE and...

The Supreme Court considers it an assault on female intimacy to send a photo of a bare breast without permission

Understand that this part of the body belongs to the woman's privacy and can only be visible "at her own request". ...

Ribera reiterates that Spain is not ready to accept what it considers “unfair”.

reiterates that the contingency plan will not include any mandatory actions beyond recommendations for savings and efficiency ...

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