6.7 C
New York
8.4 C
Washington D.C.
Thursday, January 26, 2023
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Published in the BOE the plan to limit the use of air conditioning to 27 degrees and heating to 19

It will be forced to switch off lights and shop windows in public buildings and shops that are not used after 10 p.m. MADRID,...

The green light for the energy-saving plan: shop windows off at night and air conditioning at at least 27 degrees

Green light for the new package of urgent energy saving and efficiency measures. The plan, coordinated by the Ministry of Ecological Transition...

Health centers without air conditioning and at 37° in Madrid: “People come because they are sick and it’s getting worse”

Eight o'clock in the morning, Monday 18 July, the last day of the heat wave. Nurse José Ramón de la Peña, 65,...

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