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Feijóo will hoist the tax cut flag with his “barons” in front of the PP Executive Committee this Monday

“Genoa” believes that by “copying” Podemos' fiscal proposals, the PSOE leaves the political center free for the PP ...

Feijóo is meeting with the Executive Committee of the PP this Tuesday to take stock and set priorities in the face of the “challenges”...

In 'Génova', after overcoming their crisis, they boast of unity and warn: "Now the internal crisis is installed in the PSOE" ...

Federal Summer Committee

The last time I was at the PSOE headquarters on Calle de Ferraz in Madrid (I walk little, otherwise I would say “the...

The PSOE today celebrates the federal committee to ratify the new leadership and face the electoral cycle against the PP

He will make official the appointment of Montero, Alegría and Patxi López, as well as the continuity of Santos Cerdán after the departure...

PSOE officials expect sweeping changes in the federal committee on Saturday to give the party a boost

They refer to new appointments in the cathedral, the spokesman for the executive and in the parliamentary groups ...

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