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Azerbaijan confirms fifty soldiers killed in clashes with Armenia

MADRID, 13 September (EUROPA PRESS) - Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry has estimated...

Executions of activists are fueling clashes between the military junta and the Myanmar resistance

The first executions in Myanmar (formerly Burma) since 1988 have exacerbated the conflict between the military junta and the pro-democracy movement. The...

The death toll in clashes between militias in Libya’s capital rises to 16

MADRID, July 23 (EUROPA PRESS) - At least 16 people were...

At least ten dead and 25 injured in clashes between militias in the Libyan capital

MADRID, 22 (EUROPE PRESS) At least 10 people, including a child, and 25 were injured in clashes in the Libyan capital Tripoli in the...

More than 100 dead and 291 injured in clashes between communities in Blue Nile, Sudan

MADRID, July 21 (EUROPA PRESS) - The death toll from recent...

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