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Sánchez admits that households pay more to the bill for the Iberian mechanism, but that without this cap it would be triple

He says there is an "Iberian anomaly" in the European right with the PP over their position on banking and energy taxes ...

We can propose a temporary cap on adjustable rate mortgages

This would mean a monthly fee reduction of up to 150 euros and they have already sent their request to the PSOE ...

The gas cap places Spain among the big EU countries with the cheapest light

A month and a half after its premiere, the gas cover is bearing fruit. The mechanism put in place by Spain and...

Government cuts growth from 3.5% to 2.7% for 2023 and approves record spending cap

Starting signal for the design of the state budgets for 2023, the last of the legislative period. The Council of Ministers this...

UNICEF demands government-approved spending cap protects most vulnerable minors

MADRID, July 26 (EUROPA PRESS) - UNICEF Spain has indicated that...

Podemos defends spending cap hike to ensure expansive budgets and implement tax reform now

Call for the housing law to be unblocked and contractors fined by the CNMC to be banned from contracting with the administration ...

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