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Canadian company pays $78,000 a year to eat candy

A business in Canada would make any child's dream come true. The company Fun House Candy He is working hard to grow...

criticism | ‘Toronto’, by Felip Bens: The Guilty Passat

Larry Forlati, the detective living incognito in Toronto, Canada, would serve as Philip Redbean's alias, a homage to Raymond Chandler's Marlowe and the...

López Obrador stresses that “patriotism is not negotiated” for US and Canadian energy policies

MADRID, July 25 (EUROPA PRESS) - Mexican President Andrés Manuel López...

Ukraine invites the Canadian Ambassador to deliver a turbine for Nord Stream 1

MADRID, July 12 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Ukrainian government summoned Canada's ambassador to Ukraine on Monday after the North American country announced the delivery...

A Canadian tourist dies in an avalanche on the Chimborazo volcano

A 25-year-old Canadian tourist died in an avalanche on the Chimborazo volcano, located in the Andean Sierra of Ecuador. His passenger, a...

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