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Avatel buys Lyntia and reaches four million homes with its fiber optic network

Telecoms company Avatel Telecom has formalized an intention to buy 100% of Lyntia Access, a neutral operator in the wholesale telecoms market in...

Billionaire buys awards show

golden globes Billionaire buys awards ceremony ...

The real estate subsidiary of La Caixa buys the historic headquarters of the box in Madrid for 239 million

CaixaBank has been separated from its Madrid headquarters for almost half a century, although the building will not end up in very distant...

The French healthcare group Vivalto Santé buys Ribera from the Centene Corporation

VALENCIA, July 25 (EUROPA PRESS) - Vivalto Santé, the third largest...

Amazon buys an “online” healthcare company, a new step in diversifying its offering

E-commerce giant Amazon has boosted its healthcare services offering by buying One Medical, a private chain of clinics that operates on a subscription...

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