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An experiment “awakens” the organs of dead pigs with artificial blood

In 2019, neuroscientists and doctors from Yale University (USA) managed to restore part of the brain function of a pig that had been...

Cacao lowers blood pressure (but only when it’s high) and reduces arterial stiffness

MADRID, July 31 (EUROPA PRESS) - Cacao lowers blood pressure, but...

Green tea promotes gut health and lowers blood sugar

MADRID, July 30 (EUROPA PRESS) - New research in people with...

Blood sugar testing: why non-alcoholic beer may be less healthy than regular beer

blood glucose analysis Why non-alcoholic beer may be less healthy than regular beer ...

Patxi López, the old blood of the PSOE to revive Sánchez

Less than a year ago, Pedro Sánchez surprised by placing Héctor Gómez at the head of the Socialist Group, a Canarian MP who...

‘Bang Bang Baby’, Trauma, Blood and ‘Ndrangheta

When the Italian Mafias, any of them, collect the royalties for the numerous films and TV series based on their excesses Salvatore Giuliano...

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