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Beauty tips, from facial yoga to hyaluronic acid fillers: 4 ways to achieve beautifully defined contours

From facial yoga to hyaluronic acid fillers 4 Ways to Get Beautifully Defined Contours ...

Beauty sample: new beauty products in a review of summer trends

GALA beauty sample Beauty innovations in the Trend Check ...

“When you see so much destruction, you start looking for beauty”: the artists trying to revitalize Beirut

After 15 years of abuse (between 1975 and 1990) by a civil war; Rocked by a devastating accidental explosion at its port...

Linda Evangelista: She settled her lawsuit against the beauty company

Linda Evangelist She has settled her claim for damages against the beauty group ...

My must-have beauty products to carry in your bag this summer

As with clothes or shoes, the cosmetics and beauty products we use in summer are not the same as the rest of the...

The beauty of falling in love

The best part of outdoing each other is the fact that growth is the cause.Yes our time on earth is temporary, why wouldn't...

“It’s easier for people who are pretty”

Illustrator and author Florence Given thinks that women should no longer dress for men. Although beauty helps, even when it comes to...

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