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J Balvin and his good ‘vibes’ come to stay at Bilbao BBK Live

Fifteen minutes to 2 a.m.; Clear skies and a damp breeze accompany hundreds of festival-goers who seek their seats on the Esplanade...

The Killers and Stromae triumph in a night of electronic and dance music at Bilbao BBK Live

There's no doubt that music festivals are increasingly caring about their best Night; In recent years we have seen electronics attracting more and...

Coke Studio, Coca-Cola’s music platform, represented at Bilbao BBK Live

MADRID, July 6th. (EUROPA PRESS) - After the worldwide launch...

Judeline covers “Bailar pegados” to celebrate the return of Bilbao BBK Live

MADRID, June 30 (EUROPA PRESS) - The artist from Cadiz Judeline deals...

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