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The government avoids drawing red lines to negotiate the secrecy law, including the 50-year term

Robles accepts that negotiations with other parties can change the number of years of classification or "the nature of the problems". MADRID, August 4...

Sánchez assures Chaves and Griñán that “they only pay for sinners” but avoids deciding on a pardon

Pedro Sánchez has assured that if the Supreme Court ratifies the sentencing of the ERE case against former Andalusian Presidents Manuel Chaves and...

APIF believes that the prosecutor’s position should be one that avoids impunity for crimes like that of Miguel Ángel Blanco

MADRID, July 24 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Independent Professional Association of...

Rotterdam avoids dismantling historic bridge to allow Jeff Bezos superyacht to pass

Some of the world's most famous bridges, from the Rialto in Venice to the Golden Gate in San Francisco, feature in history books...

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