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Sergio Massa, a super-powered minister for Argentina’s weakened government

Sergio Massa is ambitious and pragmatic. And he wants to be president. This is the only way to explain why he...

Fernández appoints a super minister of economy to resolve Argentina’s economic and political crisis

Alberto Fernández fired the silver bullet he kept in the chamber. In the midst of an economic crisis that has become insurmountable,...

Argentina’s economy minister handed in her resignation after 24 days in office

Argentina has lost its second economy minister in less than a month. Silvina Batakis, who was chosen as a consensus figure to...

Argentina’s central bank creates a “soybean dollar” for the field to speed up harvest settlement

The Central Bank of Argentina announced this Tuesday a special exchange regime for the field to speed up the sale of the crop....

Inflation, debt and the collapse of the peso: Argentina’s economy is once again on the brink

Argentina's economy is not doing well. Up until a month ago, the OECD was forecasting GDP growth of 3.6% for the South...

Kirchner accuses Argentina’s Supreme Court of having “written and signed” its verdict on alleged corruption

Cristina Kirchner has her own priority agenda in Argentina. In a seven-minute video that he uploaded to his social networks on Monday,...

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