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Spain registered more than 866,790 applications for residence and work from foreigners in 2021, a record of the decade

The government plans to resolve nearly 200,000 pending files with the augmentation of 295 immigration officials ...

They discover a new “banking malware” in Google Play Store applications

MADRID, Aug 3 (Portaltic/EP) - Trend Micro has warned that 17 applications that could...

In view of the flood of applications, European funds for financing solar modules in Catalonia fall short

The Catalan Institute of Energy (ICAE) has been overwhelmed by the avalanche of requests for financing solar panels through the next-generation funds' aid...

After Afghans, Nicaraguans are the population that submitted the most asylum applications in 2021

The political crisis in Nicaragua is affecting its people. A UNHCR report released in mid-June shows that Nicaraguans filed the most asylum...

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